harvest Assistant


Reports To:             Business Director

Summary:               he Harvest Assistant will assist in all aspects of beekeeping operations during the summer harvest season, with most of the Assistant's time spent helping to operate the extraction line.


·         Collect full honey supers from hives.

·         Dispense feed and treatment to hives as directed.

·         Operate extraction line equipment as directed.

·         Scratch capped cells missed by uncapper on frames in the extraction line.

·         Assemble brood chambers and honey supers from provided parts.

·         Scrape out and repair previously used brood chambers and honey supers.

·         Load hives in trucks or trailers for transport of hives to new bee yards.

·         Provide general care and maintenance of bee hives and bee yards.

·         Perform other miscellaneous tasks as necessary.

Physical Requirements

·         Must be able to lift 50 lbs to chest height repeatedly.

·         Must be able to traverse over uneven ground carrying equipment.

·         Must be able to inspect beehives from all angles.

·         Must be able to work outdoors and in un-insulated warehouse year-round.

Educational Requirements

·         No specific educational credentials required.

·         Must be able to understand and follow written and verbal instructions in English.

Certifications Required

·         Must possess valid drivers license.

Additional Desired Experience, Skills, & Abilities

·         Proficiency driving forklifts and/or large trucks.

·         Prior experience working in the agricultural sector.

·         Familiarity with maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment.

Job Hazards

·         Occasional bee stings are an unavoidable hazard of this job - this job is not appropriate for anyone with a known bee sting allergy.

·         Exposure seasonally to cold and hot outdoor weather.

·         Electric fences, heavy machinery, and vehicles are all common features of job sites and should be approached with caution.

Timeframe:            Six weeks work guaranteed, starting around July 1, 2019 and ending around August 15 to 31, 2019.

Pay:                        $12.00/hour + $200 bonus on successful completion of season.

To.Apply:                Email a resume and cover letter to info@queensbounty.com. State that you are applying to the Harvest Assistant position.