THE Beekeepers

We're a husband and wife team with a passion to share the taste of local Oregon honey with everyone we meet.

Scott started beekeeping years ago as a hobby.  What was once two hives soon become seven, and then dozens, and you know the rest of the story.  Early on in his beekeeping career, Scott joined the Master Beekeeper Apprentice program offered through Oregon State University Extension, completing the program to earn his certificate.  Later, he was lucky to work for other commercial beekeepers for several years to learn how to care for bees at scale.  Today, he's the primary caretaker for around 600 hives. 

JJ joined Scott in this endeavor after spending most of her career in beer, which makes for an easy transition since it's only one letter off!  Her background in ,managing family businesses is being put to use daily supporting our loyal customers and running our extraction and packaging operation. 

We're based out of an 1870's farmhouse southwest of Eugene, Oregon, and occasionally helped by our two goofy mutts, Hank and Rita.

We're so grateful for your interest in The Queen's Bounty honey and hope you'll use our Contact Form if you have any questions.  Thanks so much!