Bee-dazzled Fruit Salad with Queen's Bounty Honey Dressing



1/2 Cup Queen’s Bounty Blackberry Honey

3/4 Cup Lemon Juice

1 tablespoon whole cloves

1 cinnamon stick

4 cardamom pods

1 real vanilla bean


4 Kiwis, 2 halved using a zig-zag cut, 2 cut into rings

2 Passion fruits, halved

1 Pineapple, peeled, cored, and cut into rings

1 Large mango, seeded

1 Dragon fruit, halved, or further cut into wedges

2 Nectarines, halved, pitted, and cut into thin fanned slices

2 Plums (red fleshed), halved, pitted, and cut into thin fanned slices

1 Pint Strawberries, halved and cored

1 Pint Blueberries

1 Pint Cherries, halved

1 Blood Orange, cut into thick rings and seeded

1 Navel Tangelo, cut into thick rings and seeded

1 Pink Grapefruit, cut into rings and seeded

2 Meyer Lemons, cut into rings and seeded

2 Limes, cut into rings and seeded

1 Half Pint Kumquats, halved

1 Buddha’s Hand Citrus

2 Tablespoons Mint, roughly chopped + extra mint sprigs

Edible flowers


Make Dressing

Warm lemon juice over medium heat until it reaches a low simmer.  Add cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom.  Simmer 10 minutes.

Remove juice from heat and strain out whole spices.   Slice vanilla beans lengthwise and scrape paste from interior into lemon juice.  Drizzle honey into juice whisk together while juice is still warm, until fully mixed and incorporated.  Allow dressing to cool.

Make Salad

Optional: Use a small bee-shaped cookie cutter to punch bee-shaped pieces out of pieces of the pineapple and/or mango.

Artfully arrange fruits on a large platter, balancing colors, textures, and shapes.  Fill spray bottle or atomizer with dressing and spritz fruit lightly with dressing.  Dressing will prevent browning, so spritz as needed during assembly of plate.

After the rest of the plate is fully dressed, add edible flowers and mint sprigs.  Placing these after dressing fruits will prevent soggy or wilted blossoms.